Amherst’s The Works Bakery Cafe: Giving Back A Little Bit to Women on National Equal Pay Day

What if every restaurant and retailer, all over the United States, gave women a 21% discount on National Equal Pay Day? That would certainly be a nice gesture and would probably lead to a bump in sales in early April. And then just imagine how much business activity - even home sales - would ramp up if we women got that 21 cents we've been waiting for, in every paycheck. Imagine us all, with more jingle in our jeans. Now wouldn't that be an interesting plan for economic growth?

On Bathrooms: Don’t Do This In My Name

As a woman in my 40s who likes to eat out, and enjoys spending time in places that are not home, like public libraries, I have used more than my fair share of public restrooms.  These have run the spectrum from tiny basement cubicles littered with used paper towels, to the grand expanse of the … Continue reading On Bathrooms: Don’t Do This In My Name