Her Tiny, Star-Shaped Paws

For a week or two, no field mice came to the peanut butter-and-birdseed buffet/feeding station in our basement "storage" room. The main dining area (for mice) is located inside a metal, industrial-sized Have-A-Heart trip which looks not unlike a miniature Walpole State Prison. Ye Olde Husband purchased this contraption after we discovered that one smarty … Continue reading Her Tiny, Star-Shaped Paws

The Have-Too-Much-Heart Trap

We have been moving field mice out of the house and into the fields and forests where they belong at a rapid clip. If you see Ye Olde Husband in his pajama sweatpants and muck boots carrying a paper bag out in the morning, it is because he has trapped yet another live one in … Continue reading The Have-Too-Much-Heart Trap