Hotel & Casino Company With Possible Ties To Trump Son Seeks 1,200-acre Site in North Amherst: Conservationists Cite Presence of Heirloom Vegetables

Brookdale-Stein noted that if the plan were to proceed at some point, it would require referendum, approval by a number equal to 7/8 majority of all active registered voters in the Commonwealth in 1839, the year the parcel was purchased by the Koszcaniewski brothers.

Let Us Call These Fellows Dave

This is kind of a small community, and people sail across the Coolidge Bridge, and in between Amherst, Hadley and Northampton, sometimes a few times a day.  I periodically encounter the same person three or four times in one 24-hour period, in different towns, restaurants or stores. We will look at one another oddly and … Continue reading Let Us Call These Fellows Dave

Her Tiny, Star-Shaped Paws

For a week or two, no field mice came to the peanut butter-and-birdseed buffet/feeding station in our basement "storage" room. The main dining area (for mice) is located inside a metal, industrial-sized Have-A-Heart trip which looks not unlike a miniature Walpole State Prison. Ye Olde Husband purchased this contraption after we discovered that one smarty … Continue reading Her Tiny, Star-Shaped Paws

Let’s Talk About Inamimate Objects, and Bedevilment

Let's talk for a minute about inanimate objects, and bedevilment. I know we're all big kids at this point, and are beyond believing in the paranormal, right? A person gets past 30 and you're just supposed to pretend that the weird or inexplicable thing you noticed simply didn't happen. Sure, you can sigh over it, … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Inamimate Objects, and Bedevilment

Who Died Wearing This Paisley Scarf?

A few deep thoughts about Thrift Stores, and Why They Are Important. Sure, there is the chance of stumbling upon, for a mere $2, that gymnastics leotard for which your daughter has been clamoring. There is the goofy sentimental artwork which you, in your clever irony, MIGHT buy and hang just for fun. Not to … Continue reading Who Died Wearing This Paisley Scarf?