It’s Good to the Bottom

So my younger daughter (whom I'll call Lila here to preserve her anonymity) asked me one day last fall if I knew what holiday it was. I said I didn't, and asked her to enlighten me. "It's National Toilet Paper Rolling Day!" she announced, with no trace of jest. I was intrigued and as delighted … Continue reading It’s Good to the Bottom


Let’s Talk About Inamimate Objects, and Bedevilment

Let's talk for a minute about inanimate objects, and bedevilment. I know we're all big kids at this point, and are beyond believing in the paranormal, right? A person gets past 30 and you're just supposed to pretend that the weird or inexplicable thing you noticed simply didn't happen. Sure, you can sigh over it, … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Inamimate Objects, and Bedevilment