Notice: Town Seeks Volunteers to Help Plan Dog Park in Amherst

Town Seeks Volunteers to Help Plan Dog Park in Amherst

The Town is seeking volunteers to serve on a time-limited task force to locate and plan for a dog park in Amherst. This will be a working committee and it will begin in May with regular meeting for the next 12-18 months. Appointments will be made in April, so apply now!

This group of volunteers will shepherd the process of establishing one or more dog parks in Amherst and make recommendations to the Town Manager based on the findings of the Committee.  The Task Force will:

·        Confirm the interest in the establishment of one or more Dog Parks and the size and configuration of such Dog Parks.

·        Study possible locations for one or more Dog Parks and make site recommendations to the Town Manager.

·        Determine the desired physical aspects of the Dog Park (size, parking, fencing, water, shelter, etc.).

·        Determine the funding needs and funding sources for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the recommended Dog Park(s) and, with the approval of the              Town Manager, apply for public and private funding grants necessary to support the project.

·        Work with town staff and a landscape architect to design one or more Dog Parks.

·        Recommend a system of governance and long-term sustainability for the Dog Park.

If you are interested, please go to the Town’s website to volunteer:

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