Update/Notice: Rattlesnake Review Working Group Will Slither Into Ware on Weds., 3/22

A meeting of the Fisheries and Wildlife Board’s Rattlesnake Review Working Group will be held on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, at 6:30 P.M., at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 126 West Main Street, Ware, Massachusetts.


“The purpose of the Rattlesnake Review Working Group is to review and discuss statewide rattlesnake conservation needs and strategies. This is the third of four planned meetings of the working group. When the Rattlesnake Review Working Group completes its work, it will make a recommendation to the Fisheries and Wildlife Board.

The public is welcome to comment to the Working Group by submitting an on-line comment form at mass.gov/dfw/rattlesnake-survey or by obtaining a hard copy of the form from one of the Rattlesnake Working Group members or MassWildlife offices and then submitting the form by postal mail (mailing address is located on the form).

Comments can address issues and concerns that may not have been covered in previous public meetings, or which identify scientific information on rattlesnakes that may not have been previously considered.”

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